This is a link page to anything I’ve had published elsewhere or anything I’ve retired from submission and posted here.  Some of these go back years, some of these aren’t actually all that good, but it’s worth preserving.  I’ve tried to put these in some sort of chronological order:


Birthday Boy on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Mar 21, 2008.  My first story published by someone other than myself.  Odd short bit of scifi that I would probably rewrite extensively today.

Retirement on 365 Tomorrows.  Published May 11, 2008.  Another flash piece, and one of many about digital consciousness.  Also performed as a podcast.

Storytime on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Jul 22, 2008.  I was going through a bit of a “life after death” phase as you can see.  A third, alternate take on the theme.

Novalight on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Aug 29, 2008. Something slightly different.  A space opera short.

She’ll Be Waiting In Istanbul on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Sep 2, 2008.  One of the stories I wrote that I still like.  This was a fun interdimensional love story named after song lyric by The Four Lads.  I include that detail just because The Four Lads is a wonderful band name.


Ability on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Jan 26, 2009 .  I’m less fond of this one.  Reading it 8 years later it feels a bit clumsy and obvious.  Still, worth a read if you want to see me working out a way to express some stuff when I was a less good writer.

I Bet You Say That To All The Girls on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Feb 17, 2009.  A fun story with sinister undertones, about love.

Sacrifices on 365 Tomorrows. Published Mar 30, 2009.  Back to the digital consciousness theme again.  A cautionary tale about future proofing your storage space.

Eden on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Apr 27, 2009.  I still enjoy this one. I was exploring the use of the flash form for comedy and I think this one went well.

Contraband on 365 Tomorrows.  Published  Jun 5, 2009.  A stab at doing a time travel story, something I don’t write much because they get awfully convoluted awfully quickly.  Even with this one, which is very simple, I worry about the causality involved.

Oates on 365 Tomorrows.  Published  Jun 14, 2009.  I’m not sure if this is a time travel story.  I mean it is.  But that’s not quite what it’s about.  This one has stuck with me as one of the bleaker things I’ve written.

Counseling on 365 Tomorrows.  Published  Jul 29, 2009.  Another digital consciousness one.  I like this one but I worry that the twist at the end is too obvious.

Saving the Drowning Girl on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Aug 21, 2009.  If I had to pick a favourite of my pieces of flash fiction it would probably be this one.  Short, nasty, gets in and does its job, all while indulging my habit of pun titles.  Also available as a podcast.

The Company Store on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Nov 8, 2009.  A story with a story.  I write this as flash fiction, then revisited and rewrote it as a short story.  I’ll link to that one later.

Tiddly-om-pom-pom on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Nov 24, 2009.  The explanation bit at the end of this one is a bit too “hey, this is exactly what’s happening”, but I think the atmosphere still works.


Duckling on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Feb 3, 2010.  A revenge story with a twist.  I think it holds up.


Conventional Warfare on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Jan 5, 2011.  I stand by the pun in the title of this one.  I can’t defend the pun in the last 2 lines.

Adult Education on 365 Tomorrows.  Published  Jan 27, 2011.  I’ll confess, a lot of the concept of this was stolen from the unbelievably wonderful Warren Ellis comic “Another cold morning”.  Read this if you like, but definitely read that too.

Incarnate on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Mar 12, 2011.  I had this one bouncing round my head in a couple of different forms for years before I turned it into flash fiction.  It didn’t work long, so I pared down the details to just the heart of the thing and put fresh clothes on it.

Anthropic on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Mar 20, 2011.  Six years later I’m not sure about this one.  I think it holds together and I like the idea of the purpose of the universe being something incredibly dull and esoteric, but I don’t know if there’s enough there to justify the trappings.

Speed Dating on 365 Tomorrows. Published May 14, 2011.  This was a fun one to write and I think still works.  It uses the technology as a hook, but it’s an instrument for the story rather than the point of the story.  I sometimes wonder how much of what I write is science fiction as distinct from fiction about science.

Remedies on 365 Tomorrows.  Published May 31, 2011.  Another stab at the purely comedic.  This works pretty well in a “Tharg’s future shocks” way.

Acceptable Losses on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Dec 17, 2011.  I was very pleased with this one and still think it works.  It has sadness and politics and bite.

Lost in Time on 365 Tomorrows.  Published Dec 29, 2011.  A little bit of meta-nerdery.  Sci fi about sci fi.  Still fun.


Restraining Order on Flashes In The Dark.  Published April 10 2012.  A tale of vampires and the law.  Unfortunately this site has since gone down.  I’ll see if I can repost this here at some point.

Passing on Flashes In The Dark.  Published July 26 2012.  Again, no longer up.  This is a zombie story from the zombie’s point of view.


Company on LitReactor.  Published February 3 2013.  This was a written as part of LitReactor’s “Teleport Us” writing challenge and is an expansion and rewrite of The Company Store.  I think this worked pretty well.  You might have to log in to read it.  I might republish this elsewhere at another point.


I was writing, but focused on novel related projects rather than short stories, so not much got published


Moment of Silence on 101 Words.  Published January 6 2017.  A very short piece but one I think works very well.  It went through quite a lot of back and forth editing with the site but I think they brought out the best in it.

Something Rotten on 101 words.  Published January 26 2017.  An attempt to make a 101 word story out of a 4024 line play. I quite like it.

The Autograph Hunter on 101 Words.  Published February 21 2017.  A distillation of a longer story from a decade before, all about names and creations.

Throwing Doors on 101 Words.  Published March 9 2017.  The classic science fiction set up: a good idea, then a reason why the good idea will kill us all.

Call Waiting on 101 Words.  Published 27th March 2017.  Another bite at the “problems with digital consciousness” cherry.

Sea View on 101 Words.  Published April 3 2017.  A love story across dimensions.  It has some DNA in common with She’ll Be Waiting In Istanbul, and also an Easter egg relating to classic British sci fi, see if you spot it.

Angels at the Border in Metaphorosis.  Published April 14 2017.  My first sale.  This is a 2000ish word piece about how horrible someone else’s utopia usually turns out to be.

Hijo de la Sombra on 101 Words.  Published April 20 2017.  Just to show I don't just write sci fi and fantasy, here's 101 words of Mexican wrestling! I still like this one.

The Ghosts We Bring on 101 Words.  Published May 16 2017.  Not quite a ghost story. Just an odd idea that bounced around my head. At some point I have a longer story to write in this house, provisionally called "What we bring to Parvale".

Icebreaker on 101 Words.  Published May 23 2017.  Half flirting half spy story, taken down to its barest components. This one still works.

Happily on 101 Words.  Published June 1 2017.  I've always liked other ways of doing fairy tales. This was my bleak look at what happens after they end.


T-Minus in Reading 5x5.  Published March 5 2018.  This was a fun writing challenge for an anthology, I go into more detail in the Latest Work page.  Or you can read my interview about it here.

Matrimonial Bonds on 101 Words.  Published March 28 2018.  Less a story, more a pointlessly elaborate pun.  And yet I like it a lot.

Engineered on 101 Words.  Published April 6.  Angry, wistful piece about the damage that gets laid on us and the people it turns us into.

Heartstrings in Triangulation: Harmony and Dissonance from Parsec Ink.  Flash fiction about transhumanism, gender, love, and revenge.